Love. It's what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

Here is my latest ad for Subaru.  This is my third year working with the wonderful people at AdAsia and Subaru to produce their ad for the Chinese New Year.  This year it was the Year of the Ram.

Rock Lititz! Philadelphia Magazine.

What would bring the biggest touring musicians and performers to the middle of Pennsylvania Amish country? It's a space the size of an airplane hanger with 80 foot ceilings and great acoustics known as Rock Lititz.  I photographed co-owner of Rock Lititz, James "Winky" Fairorth for the current issue of Philadelphia Magazine.  Here is the article and some outtakes.

Chi-Town is Draft Town!

The NFL draft was held in Chicago for the first time this year and I am so proud that my images were a part of it. 

I made the trip out to Chicago in the dead of winter to shoot grand cityscapes.  I bought every hand and foot warmer I could find and the art directors and I used them all.  We shot for 3 days at dawn and dusk in the brutal cold, but it was totally worth it.  The images came out great and they were everywhere in Chicago for weeks, especially in Draft Town, the area open to the public for watching the festivities.  Here are some the final images as well as some of the images in action, including on the big stage and in ads.  A huge shout out to Chad Griffith for his fantastic shots of the player in the last image.

Chi-town is Draft Town!

CDC Tips From Former Smokers Print Ad

I photographed Rose for the CDC's Tips From Former Smokers in Houston Texas last spring.  Rose was lovely to work with and her story was very touching.  It was great to be involved with this project.

Last walk to work in Chicago.

Relocating from Chicago to Philadelphia was bittersweet.  It's been a few weeks now and it was definitely the right decision, but Chicago had become home for the last couple of years.  It was very enjoyable for me to stroll the little over a mile from our apartment in Bucktown to my shared office space in Logan Square.  I made the walk nearly everyday and I got very used to what I saw as I walked northwest up Milwaukee Avenue.  So during my last week making that walk I tried to really take in, and of course document all the cool little vignettes that I passed.  Here is my walk to work; pictorially.

Stormy Day on Lake Michigan

Storms in the midwest can be pretty intense, but they can also bring an erie beauty.  Such was the case on Lake Michigan right before this storm rolled in.